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As we find ourselves nearing the longest bull market on record, no one anticipates the next 9 years to repeat the previous 9. So as most everyone has interest in protecting or ‘locking in’ their gains, we customize solutions for those specific objectives. From those who want to ‘insure’ or guaranty their account, income and/or growth, or those who desire active daily management, we have to solutions to meet those objectives. Our unlimited resources compare all the market products and solutions. Our relationships with the top money managers in the industry can manage millions of calculations daily to identify trends in the market. These amazing resources can assure clients of access to the best financial solutions in the marketplace without bias or prejudice.

Majority of mutual funds underperformed over 10 years. Nearly 80% of mutual fund managers and institutional accounts underperformed the S&P 500 on a net-of-fees basis over a 10-year horizon, according to S&P Dow Jones Indices.

On a gross-of-fees basis, 68.2% of large-cap mutual funds and 69.2% of institutional accounts underperformed their benchmark, the firm reported in its second annual institutional scorecard. Large-cap equities were the only group of funds that outperformed their respective benchmark on a gross-of-fees basis, according to the report.*


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