Frank W. "Chip" Anderson, Jr.

Principal Advisor

Frank "Chip" Anderson is the Principal Advisor of Retirement Solutions of Georgia, a company with its headquarters in Macon, Georgia and specializing in retirement planning and wealth management

Chip has over 15 years of experience in financial services providing advice and implementation assistance to individuals and families to assist them in creating wealth, preserving wealth and effciciently passing wealth on to future generations. 

Too often our industry has predicated the giving of financial advice on the purchase of a product or service. But what many people are seeking instead is independent objective advice. Chip can create a comprehensive retirement plan for those planning for or already in retirement along with continuing support or simply answer a few questions in a no obligation format. Of course if you do seek assistance in implementation Chip can provide a variety of objective nonproprietary product and service solutions. 

Phone (478)-476-1116
Toll Free: (866)-328-5482